Stefanie and Louisa from the Goosegirl


This is the Homepage of the german "Welsh-Terrier Kennel from the Goosegirl".

It is owned by Mrs. Irmtraut Becker and situated in the little village of Spanbeck,
Lower-Saxony, Germany.

Mrs.Becker started over more than 35 years ago and became, together with her
late husband Kurt Becker, over the years one of Germanys Top-Breeders.

Welsh-Terrier "made in Spanbeck" can be found in nearly every European country,
in Canada, the U.S.A. and even in Russia.

So, come on in and find more out, about the Goosegirls.

Read, when and where it all started.

Learn the history of the Welsh-Terriers.

But most of all. Enjoy with us the beauty and the spirit of the Welsh-Terriers.

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