"The beginning of the Goosegirls"


A lovestory to the Welsh-Terrier

Irmtraut Becker


Already as a child I had a faible for wiredhair Terrier. Therefore only one was applicable. We bought us from our last money a Welsh-Terrier, before we left 1949 Halle to the Saale (formely East-Germany). We took the streetcar to Seeben/ Saalkreis, where the breeder Otto Henze lived. He bred Welsh-Terrier and German Wiredhair. There we purchased our 1. Welsh-Terrier "York of the Fasanerie".

Our family reacted rather drastic over this purchase. Up to the depature we had to accommodate our dog with my aunt. We left Halle to the Saale by night to head to the West. The train stoped at Atzenhausen. From here we had to flee by foot further on to Hohengandern. Not to mention that we had to carry all of our belongings. We stoped at the house of one of our bricklayers who lived in Hohengandern and who had to cross the border daily in order to work in Göttingen. Our belongings were loaded on to a horse cart, which brought us to the border. From there you could easily reach the trainstaion Eichenberg, which was situated in the American sector.

Hardly arrived, the Americans executed a raid, where everybody was thoroughly controlled. We three were spared as actual border crossers. For the Americans it must have been improbable that someone brings a dog to cross the border. It was already dark when we arrived late that evening in Göttingen. As my father saw the Welsh-Terrier he nearly threw us out.

We tried to explain him that he could train the Welsh-Terrier as a hunting dog and that he was the only one who would benifit from this, we could calm him down. And "Yax" as we called him could stay and became the favourite of the family. A Terrier, still in addition a Welsh-Terrier was very rare to this time and we heard a lot of comments about him.

Sabine. The daughter of Irmtraut Becker together with Maxi fom the Goosegirl.

One a hot sunny day in June 1950 the only pedigree dog show took place in Göttingen. "York of the Fasanerie" achieved the 1. Price in the youth class. Subsequently my father gave him for hunting training into the Bavarian forest, where he never returned. He has been shot during a wildboar hunt still hanging on the boar. There were grat mourning in our family and a lot tears were poured. A new Welsh-Terrier had to come. I had to wait for summer holiday before I was allowed to drive in August 1951 to Halle to the Saale.

There I went straight to Otto Henze, who in the meantime had moved to Franzigmark, to look for a new male Welsh-Terrier. I purchased "Brutus of the Fasanerie" for 200,- Deutsch Mark. This was at that time a lot of money. Brutus, which we called "Bastel" was in the eye of my father only stupid and not suitable for hunting. But it didn´t prevented him to take the dog on every hunt. My mother and I had to repeatedly doctor him together, because he loved it to fight with the big hunting dogs.

Bastel became the Pedigree number 11972 Book 46 from the German Club for Terrier since he became legally a father. As covercharge we reciveed the male Welsh-Terrier "Alf from Warteberg". Now we possessed two Welsh-Terrier. Since Welsh-Terrie are vrey lively and we were staying in a rented flat we had give one of them away. With a brocken heart I had to seperate from Bastel. He came into a friends home, where he became the family dog.

Caineaux Crusader

"Caineaux Crusader"

Alf followed in the footsteps from Bastel and we started to train him for hunting. But he was better suitable as a guarddog, because he was completly fixed on me. Every man were been attacked. Even my brother and my father were not spared. He used every opportunity to defend me, which was sometimes very annoying. Even my husband made the acquaintance with his teeth and he was not amused over it. 

Our Alf did not become very old. On the occasion of a hunt trip during the winter he was run over by a ski driver. He suffered multiple fractures and he became paraplegic. But we found this out after his bones were recovered and he didn´t start to move. My father let him put to sleep then during my absence.

For a long time we weren´t allowed to hold a dog, since the owner of the house had changed in the meantime. When my husband and  I had then to liquidate the houshold of my grandparents in january 1962 in Halle to the Saale, we decided that we wouldn´t return home  without a new Welsh-Terrier. We quickly sold the televisionset, in order to buy from this cash a new Welsh-Terrier. So we drove straight to the Franzigmark to visit Otto and Edith Henze. He had only a bitch puppy. But he promised us a male puppy later on. We bought both puppies "Anka from the Fasanerie" and "Cox from Rhonetal".

My daughter Sabine. "4 from the Goosegirl!"

"4 from the Goosegirl"

Since it was not forbidden at this time to export dogs from the GDR, but sometimes pedigree dogs were seized, we declared our dogs as a cross breed and returned savely home to Göttingen. The border control gave us the advice to get some children instead of dogs.

With two Welsh-Terrier at the leach one is noticeable. We made the acquaintance of an Airedale owner, who recruited uf for the German Club for Terrier. We became members and on the 14. July 1963 we drove to Sindelfingen  to our 1. Terrier show, to exhibit "Cox from Rhonetal". We were very proud of the --very good-- he got. Th other exhibitors were very reserved to us beginners. But this couldn´t stop us. The fever you get when you recive the invitations to the dog shows has cought us. There weren´t many shows during the year with only a handfull of Terrier (about 40 to 50).The shows took place in a small setting and it occurred that if it rained we had to move to a boatshouse or a shed to meet the demand.


Moritz from the Goosegirl

"Moritz from the Goosegirl"
Breeder:  I. Becker, Göttingen - Owner: Frida Geier OG Essen I

Moritz from the Goosegirl

After a while it became clear that we need a bitch for our dog. My husband contacted some breeder he had met on the way to the "Cruft Dog Show 1964". With the help of Mr. Gessert from Bonn we bought the bitch "Britta vom Roten Busch" from the breeder Mrs Wendeberg.

I became two children. This kept us from traveling to the Dog Shows. The other breeder thought that this has been the end of the Welsh-Terrier Kennel of the Goosegirl.

The Goosegirl is a well figure in our hometown of Göttingen. It is the most kissed virgin in the world. Every student who finished his study must travel to this well an kiss the figure of a goosegirl.

The original Goosegirl to Göttingen.

Our Britta was very loveable, but she didn´t qualified for a breed. The bloodlines didn´t match. So my husband travelled to the Cruft Dog Show 1968 and looked for a dog. They offered him "Caineaux Crusader", 3 times winner in his class und best puppy in breed, for a very large amount of money. My husband refused the offer. But my husband asked some of his collegues who worked in England at this time to contact the breeder of "Caineaux Crusader" to buy the dog for a reasonable price.

Deveraux Lalizma  &  Caineaux Crusader

"Deveraux Lalizma" & "Caineaux Crusader"

"Caineaux Crusader" arrived in October 1968 in Hannover. His first puppies were substantially better in quality.

Now that we had an excellent dog we started again to go on exhibitions. Our "Tommy" as we called him won every price and became our first "German Champion". We bought the bitch "Deveraux Lalizma" who we called "Lady fom England. She as well won many prices. Fom her first litter we kept a bitch called "Maxi from the Goosegirl" and a dog called "Moritz from the Goosegirl". They both became very successful.


Maxi from the Goosegirl

"Maxi from the Goosegirl"

1972 Youth Winner Luxemburg
1973 Winner Poland
1974 Winner Swiss, Swiss Clubwinner, 
International Champion,
German Champion

After 10 years of hard work we started to have success. We bought the dog "Deveraux The Bouncer". "Melanie from the Goosegirl", a daughter of him and Lady became our third "German Champion".

Welsh-Terrier "made in Spanbeck" can be found in nearly every European country, in Canada, the U.S.A. and even in Russia.

50 years of Welsh-Terrier and 35 years of Welsh-Terrier Kennel from the Goosegirl are a very long time to know each other. Every Welsh-Terrier have their own charakter and from time to time we growl at each other. But I don´t want to  miss this in the world....

"our Goosegirls".

Usch from the Goosegirl

"Usch from the Goosegirl"
KFT - Youthchampion,
from 9 Shows 1980 5 x BOB,
1 x Groupwinner,



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